Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sorry I missed a few days guys..... I'm down at the condo with mike and in vaca mode lol

Ultimate Reset 
      Day 4/21
      B- 2 cups of fruit, half cup of Greek yogurt, 1 slice of whole grain     toast
      L- Nori roll, Lentil lime salad, micro green salad
      S- 1 cup of berries, 3/4 Co of yogurt
      D- stir fry veggies, cucumber tomato salad, 3/4 cup of  
      Had a busy day.... Got the veggies fit the week prepped, rice
      for the week, quinoa for the week, soup for a few days....
      And mowed the lawn feeling very accomplished!!! :) 
Ultimate Reset
      Day 5/21 
      B- oatmeal with agave nectar walnuts and Berries
      L- quinoa salad, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and     green beans with hummus
    D- stir fry veggies, brown rice and miso soup
    1.5 gallons of water
    Activity - cooking & cleaning all day long ..... lol
    Ultimate Reset
    Day #6 
    B- Oatmeal, mixed berries, agave nectar
    L- micro green salad loaded with veggies, quinoa salad
    D- zucchini & cashew soup, toasted millet and roasted roots 
    1.25 gallons water
    Activity - swimming with Fallon.... Giving her lessons all   week :)

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